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Kieran McCarthy & Co Solicitors
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We are a Long Established Legal Firm Offering a Full Range of Legal Services With Particular Emphasis On Employment Law, Family & Claims

6 Lapps quay Cork Co. Cork
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About Us

Kieran McCarthy & Co is a leading firm of solicitors in Cork and is one of the country's fastest growing firms of solicitors, servicing both corporate entities and private individuals. This growth has derived from a simple mission: to provide a reliable, accurate and practicable legal service. This committed approach has earned our firm the reputation of being one of the most reliable and effective firms of solicitors in Cork and across the Ireland.

However, whilst we consider ourselves expert in the matters we undertake we never forget that we are dealing with people, frequently disadvantaged, who may find the law complex and daunting. As part of our client focused service, amongst the leading in solicitors in Cork and beyond, we undertake to guide you through the law by applying it to resolve the problems that you entrust to us.

Experience has shown that our clients require four things from us:

Commitment, Communication, Confidentiality, and Courtesy, and upon these we lay the foundations of our service.

At Kieran McCarthy & Co we take client care very seriously and stress the importance of keeping you informed at all stages of what we are doing, and what we need from you. The value of this level of service and the appreciation our clients have for it is evidenced by our many years of successful business and our reputation as one of the foremost firms of solicitors in Cork and throughout the country.

We will do our best to be available if you need to communicate with us, but we will give a timely response if we are not.

We will confirm to you in writing the instructions that you give to us, and who is dealing with the matter, and advise you of our terms of business and likely costs; we also tell you how to proceed if you are dissatisfied with anything that we do.

We will keep you abreast of any developments that do, or might, affect you as your matter or case progresses. We will maintain, also, the same level of communication with anyone else involved in your matter, such as a barrister or an expert.

Kieran McCarthy & Co Solicitors are committed to providing the absolute highest standard if service to all our clients, and to maintaining our reputation as one of the leading firms of solicitors in Cork and, indeed, throughout Ireland.

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6 Lapps quay Cork Co. Cork
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